precise elegant 20 mm champion carrom

precise elegant 20 mm thickness champion carrom, made with english brich plywood. Approved by International carrom federation, Approved by all india carrom federation.used in World cup 2014 at maldives.
Precise Industrial Corporation is known for manufacturing top quality carrom boards, and the Elegant class of carrom boards is certainly no exception. These boards are ideal for continued use and can even be played by tournament players of the game.  Made of Grade A Birch plywood: This class of carrom boards are made from grade A quality Birch plywood, which allows for a smooth playing surface that is free from scratches that would otherwise mar the way pieces slide over it. This board can be used by both professionals as well as amateurs who play the game. Champion model is ideal for lovers of the game: Tournament players as well as true aficionados of the game highly recommend this model of board. They are highly recommended for office, factory, society or family. These boards are economical and well built and are excellent for continuous play that will energise you any time.
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